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Northside Surf School

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Northside Surf was founded in 2006 by John Nolan in the seaside town of Amble.

Northside Surf School offers Surf/Stand up paddle board in Northumberland in all seasons of the year.Come experience this exhilarating sport with Northumberlands original Surf School. 

Please read more about the surf school on our ABOUT page.


We offer more than just surfing tuition, we provide stand-up-paddle-boarding individual and group lessons along with surfing lessons for everyone. I can arrange surf lessons and stand-up-paddle board lessons on several beautiful beaches & rivers along the Northumberland coast. 

We operate 7 days a week, 12 months of the year and cater for all needs. 

With myself, John, having 25 years experience of international surfing and 12 years experience of being a surf instructor, you will sure to be in the best hands. Whether a beginner or experienced, i give tailored surf coaching to everyone that comes to learn with Northside Surf. Everyone is welcome here at Northside Surf and we pride ourselves on being a friendly surf school.

Northumberland is the secret county of England, with so much to offer for water sports. Our golden sands beaches and our picturesque rivers, are the perfect spot to enjoy a couple world renowned sports.

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01665 713146 




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